Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Better Days Ahead - Realm Submissions

Brainstorming at lunch yesterday, Ken and I -- and when brainstorming, it's usually more Ken than I by a lot, and yesterday was no different -- struck on a thought of how to add some value to the site, to make it more fun and interesting for everyone, and hopefully make the folks that make a daily journey to The Realm or even just passersby, enjoy this site all the more... or at least some. Certainly, one of my hopes when I visit sites around the blogsphere - especially ones I want to return to - is additional content. Everyone is limited by time and circumstance, and most of us that create these websites know that it takes some effort to merely keep the blogs going, and all the more to try to make them exciting places to come. Which is one of our major goals with The Realm of Possibility -- we want this to be a stop in the blogsphere that people really look forward to enjoying. Not an easy task, but such is our endeavor. Content, especially thoughtful or thought-provoking, humorous, fun, adventurous, or illuminating, is the key to making The Realm a magical experience.

All that said, the best one attribute of our site has been our readers. You. Without the comments, suggestions for posts, witty banter, differing opinions, willingness to let go and play along, etc. from all of you, all this space would be is a place for Ken and me to shout into a vacuum. What's the fun in that?

With all that in mind, we want to open up the site a bit more, to allow any of you, wanting or willing to do so, opportunities to add content to this site. Now, we can't just hand over the keys to the kingdom per se... but we want to come as close as we can to that line without going over. In that vein, we want to put out this e-mail address of ours:

We realize that not everyone that comes here has a blog or wants one. Yet, they may have some tales, anecdotes, or humorous insights they'd like to see posted and commented on sometimes. Some people have a blog or multiple blogs, all of which have themes, and some posts they may want to write might fit better here at The Realm than at their own blogs. And it's always a good idea to have a suggestion box, and this e-mail address allows for that. We'll probably tack up this e-address somewhere around here before too long. Some of our better posts and ones most commented upon have been suggested by others (i.e. Thirteenismic, Bad Writing Well Done both from Wanda V.), and there's plenty of room where posts like those can go right here on our site.

We'd especially love to hear any original writing that you'd be brave enough to allow us to post and upon which others can comment. Humorous anecdotes are always welcome, as are personal stories, and clean jokes. Counter angles to something one of us might have posted (for example, I like Bono and wrote a post on him once; maybe you don't like him and want to give another side that's longer than a typical comment - write a post and send it our way) will certainly be considered. Movie or music reviews may well fit in. Make suggestions, advise us of interesting links, send prayer requests you'd like us or readers of the blog to go to God with, submit a meme or game. Really... we'll take a look at any post you write and send to our e-mail account, and if it fits The Realm, we'll put it out there with your name on it.

While I'm sure no one's going to be beating down the drawbridge to have a crack at the first non-Rich-or-Ken post that enhances The Realm, I really hope over time, you guys will take this seriously (in a fun way). Invite your pals to do the same; the more the merrier. Hear's hoping we hear from you!!!

[Ken, if you want to add -- or more likely subtract -- from anything I've written, please feel free to edit. Then, erase this last comment. Many thanks.]


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are brave to open up the kingdom to suggestions. :o) I'll have to think of something totally brilliant to put out there. Heh, heh.


Rich said...

That should take what, Wanda, all of ten seconds?


But I did want to comment... that it certainly doesn't have to be brilliant. Nothing we're throwing out there is brilliant. I mean, we'll certainly take brilliant - no questions asked - but don't let something being just very, very good stop you from sending it. Or just good. Or just fairly interesting.