Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kudos to Google and Superhero Hype

I thought the Google logo in response to Comic-Con 2009 was pretty neat. Plastic Man being the first "o" and "e"was pretty cool, as was Wonder Woman's invisible jet being the second "o". As big as a comic book fan as I am -- although sadly, I don't purchase them anymore -- going to a comic book convention has never even crossed my mind. It probably should. A lot of celebrities are going these days, especially Hollywood personalities pumping their movies. Not to mention one of my writing projects has includes a superhero character.

Speaking of comic books conventions and news of that ilk, our SuperHero Hype link on the sidebar usually gives the latest regarding the conventions as well as comic movies coming out, and I thought I'd give that site a plug (not that it's needed). For instance, they have this Jonah Hex banner on file, the movie starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. Also, the latest Iron Man II pix are in, like this one, two, and three. Scarlett Johannson, Don Cheadle, Garry Shandling, and Mickey Rourke add new faces to the movie that will thankfullybe directed by Jon Favreau, who did a superb job on the first feature. The Green Hornet, with Seth Rogen, was also at the Comic-Con showing off the Hornet's Black Beauty.

SuperHero Hype has all kinds of info, like release dates for upcoming Marvel movies, like Iron Man 2, Spider-Man 4, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. What Christian Bale says on if there will be a follow-up to TDK. Which X-Men movie is next? Lots of stuff there.

Of course, if you like comics for the books themselves, you can always go straight to the source with Marvel or DC or Image or Dark Horse or the scores of other comic book home websites there are. But then, if you're a true believer, you already knew that.

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