Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Descending to the Depths Here

Something my friend and I saw the other day, and because I'm a horrible, horrible person, I couldn't help laughing and have now decided to share, which, of course, makes me worse. If you've seen it, apologies. Iceman... the Saint... Doc Holiday... where hast thou gone?

Not funny. Not funny at all.

Yes, there are places for evil people like me. Bad, bad places. But I love how Johnny Damon is featured twice, and the Grizzly Adams reference is fantabulous. It oughta be a Geico commercial.


Anonymous said...

It's a holiday Friday. I give you royal permission to be a little off today. Love the pic of Grizzly Adams. We used to watch that tv show. Did you?


DugALug said...

Okay that was pretty funny!