Monday, July 27, 2009

Serious Post

With all of our "Cry Wolf" posts that we pretend are serious but we're really joking, I could understand if someone saw this post's title and thought we we're being tongue-in-cheek. Not this time. Caught this one at Milly's blog.

Please pray.


Milly said...

Thanks guys.
I’m touched. Please read the comments because Becky’s sister-in-law needs prayer also.

My sister is a very important being in my kid’s lives. I can’t even think of not having her with us for years to come.

Rich said...

No problem, Milly. If anyone reads this post, hopefully, they'll just click on the link I set, because it takes them to your post, including comments.

Your sister, you, your family & Becky, as well... I'm praying. Over a lifetime, I can tell you that supplicative prayer for others hasn't been a strong suit of mine - more the opposite - but I'm trying, and I am praying for you guys.