Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bottom of the Page - Note Just to Ken (Please Move Along, Nothing to See Here)


I noticed only two people have voted so far in the poll you set down at the bottom of the site. Now, I haven't voted - maybe you have, I don't know. Do you think it would be a good idea if I went and voted - can I vote more than once??? - so it looks like we have more traffic than we do? Or so I'd at least feel better? Maybe the masses of people that read our posts just don't ever make it down that far because they're all so caught up with the blog, they only need to read the top couple of posts. Ooooooooooorrrrrrrr, and far more likely as in about 101% to -1%, we only have two people reading the blog. That might help answer the question you posed. Not that I'm getting on Facebook --- that would have to be you. I'd always be rejecting "friends" and, even worse, be being rejected as a "friend", which you know tears me up, but my rejecting would still have to be done, and then that defeats the whole purpose. You're much more social than me - a sanguine you are. And though I'm continually hearing about it because sports figures are doing it, I really don't have that great of a concept of what Twitter even is. Stone Age me.


Your pal,


Anonymous said...

Sticking my nose in here -- I didn't know there was a poll until I read this post. Noted. Voted. That's all.


Rich said...

Whoa! That means three people have read our blog!!! I take the whole letter back.

Thanks for voting, Wanda!

Anonymous said...

And Facebook isn't that scary. I promise! If you get on, I'll be your 'friend'. I'll bet we could set up a WYSIUR group!


Rich said...

No, Wanda, I promise, it is that scary.

I did ask Ken if we could set it up as Pearce & Story rather than just separately -- which would be much more palatable -- but I think he said something along the lines that he thought the Terms stated that it had to be individual. Let me know if you figure out if it can be groups.

Kevin Knox said...

You realize bloglines captures your post no matter where you put it, right? :-)

My girlfriend has reconciled herself to facebook's friending by calling them "neighbors" instead of friends.

Laura Leigh said...

Hey guys! I have been lurking around your blog, just not commenting. Tried to vote today, but it took to long to register so I just left. I am scared of facebook too...I am on there, but half of the time I don't know what I am doing.

Oh, and Rich, since when did you join the real world and start considering tennis a SPORT? Glad to see you have changed your ways.

Rich said...

LAURA LEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you stopped lurking, made like a "sport", and chimed in.

And for your information, LL Cool C, I ALWAYS considered tennis a sport. Remember... there's running, cardiovascular activity, basically objective winning and losing, and the participants are the participants. Not like car drivers, which is a sport for the cars, horse racing, which is only a sport for the horses, chess or darts, which are strictly competitions and not sports, and the thing we argued about in the first place: dog shows. Puuuuh-leeeeeazzzzzze! :)

Love ya! Thanks for stopping by!Keep commenting!

Milly said...

I had no idea you were back to blogging. I can stop with the covering the mirrors and wearing black!
I loved Alaska and was ready to hike up a mountain. I didn’t pose on the ship like in your profile but I have a strange picture of me with a person in a bear suit. I’m divorced so it’s all good.

Diabolical Genius said...


Welcome back.

And I love your blog. I've added you to our blogroll. I even had to steal your shelfari idea to display our book.

Soo Cool.

Rich said...

Milly - great to have you back! Awesome, evuuuuun (in best Snaggletooth voice).

Ken - I saw on Red Reporter (a sports blog I lurk at) that they now have a Facebook site. So, I'm guessing you can have a multiple person site. We could go there and call ourselves "DugALug & Milly & Kevin & Laura Leigh & Wanda & Dianne" and accept and reject "friends" carte blanche and never feel a bit of remorse about it. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Do it! Do it!


DugALug said...

I like it a lot!


Anonymous said...

Unless you're getting a band together, you don't need a myspace page. Unless you're female and under 30, you don't need a Facebook page. And while my brother is, in fact, getting a band together and is also female and under 30, it will still creep me out a little if he has a myspace or Facebook page.

I will say this, though. It's my understanding that Brad Listi created huge amount of buzz for his brilliant novel - Attention. Deficit. Disorder. - through his myspace page. But that was back when myspace was supposed to be cool. I don't know if that sort of marketing will work anymore, but everyone should read Listi's book.

And as I type this, Brandon Phillips just hit a 2-run blast to push the Reds ahead of the champs again. That seems like a suitable note on which to mark my triumphant, incredibly self-indulgent return to the RoP. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name.


Rich said...

Well, the Reds are down 8-6 now, but I'm for that stinky offense to put up six runs... moral victory.

My only band is on Guitar Hero on holidays when FAMILY comes to my house, and yes, I use, what's her name - Kasey Lynch, maybe? not sure of the spelling - when I play drums and bass, which is really all I can do. Oh! Except croon.

Welcome back, bro!

Milly said...

I for it and I'm 47 Plus I have two facebooks.

As the others said likes and do it.


Glad to see ya!I've missed you dudes!

Diabolical Genius said...

I gotta admit, I was still on the fence until Rich's twin brother, Brich, weighed in.

Now a Brandon Phillips homerun later, and we're left with no real choice.

The I's (ayes) have it. Look out Facebook, here we come!!!

DugALug said...

Hey Milly. I've been reading you. I'm glad to see you come here too!