Monday, July 27, 2009

Is It Possible? #1

While we know that all things are possible here in the RoP, we also believe that it is healthy to look outside the Realm periodically and watch the common folk grapple with the question "Is It Possible?"

In this installment, I give you ZeroFlush, the most efficient urinal in the world!

They may not teach spelling at Warren Wilson, but the girls in Pluming sure seem happy about ZeroFlush. And who can blame them?

They can do it just like the boys now. Or at least the girl on the right looks to have mastered it. Kudos ZeroFlush!


Rich said...

Why no mention of Frank's Diner in the post? the Zero Flush seems to be working for Frank as well.

DugALug said...


I few years ago, I used these things in Israel. Let me just tell you that they are awful. They always stink and along with the odor comes 'odd' condensation on your windows.

Run away boys (and girls) Run away!


Anonymous said...

We have the Zero Flush in the building where I work.

It's fine for cerain kinds of (ahem) bodily voidings.