Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mark My Words

Whenever Ken decides it's time for him to condescend back into The Realm of Possibility, you can be absolutely, 100%, can't miss type-of-sure, that he's going to make some sort of remark about how while he steps away from the blog for a mere few days, how the whole kit and kaboodle descends into posts of famine and war, tragic arrests, depressing song lyrics, laments for days going and gone by... dreariness.

He may well be right, the buzzard... but mark my words.

(Ed note: The Diabolical Genius knows all and sees all. And he's watching you Richard, watching you. BWOHAHAHA!!)


DugALug said...

You need more cow-bell.

Milly said...

Yes cow-bell!
Unless we live on a ranch. That would be so loud.

We need a land shark!

Rich said...

Hey! This was my post. Who wrote the editor's note? No one's allowed to do that!!!