Friday, July 03, 2009

On Second Thought...

You've seen the email, now visit the webpage. The folks at Awkward Family Photos are dedicated to bringing some class to your day, unlike the recent sophomoric postings here on this site. Their site has taken off, and they've even gotten book offers.

Casual sophistication. That's what this blog was missing. Right Rich?


DugALug said...

Indeed some of these are awkward. ROFL.


Rich said...

unlike the recent sophomoric postings here on this site.

Uuuuuum... what does the word "sophmoric" mean in this sentence? I don't get it.

On the bright side, it's nice to show up to a blog and find it totally changed. What a bright ray of sunshine you are, Kenneth.

Welcome back!!!

Rich said...

"sophmoric" = "sophomoric"

in the comment above.

Oh! and I didn't mention your post. I'd never been there before. Some of those pix were funny, as were some of the stories.

Getting back and related to my comment above, "casual sophistication"... those are ginormous words, too.

How about we stick with adjectives like: big, good, pretty, normal... and nouns like: boy, rock, cup, t.v., car...? People understand those. Especially people whose name start with "R". Just sayin'.

And lastly, it just a matter of time before our site takes off, and we get book offers. Don'tchathink?

DugALug said...

Live the dream Rich.... live the dream.

Rich said...

Hey! I saw that Awkward Family Photos came in # 28 on MSN's Top 40 Time Wasting Websites. Not too bad!

The Realm, of course, didn't make the list, as how could this possibly a time-wasting site?