Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Wonders of the U.S.A.

Let me hear your lists for what you think are the "Seven Wonders of the World - American-Styled". Your list can include natural or man-made phenomenons. For instance, as pictured, the Badlands would be representative of a natural wonder, but the Space Needle in Seattle or the Saturn V rocket would be evidences of man-made wonders. If you'd rather not be limited or have to meet a requirement, more or less than seven is fine. I just want to hear about wonders here in the good ol' U. S. of A. Also, lemme know about the wonders you've actually witnessed versus ones you have heard of second-hand. If you have extra time, split your natural wonders from your man-made. I think I'll do that.

My list (* - denotes that I've witnessed) -- not in order:

1) Grand Canyon *
2) Grand Tetons/Yellowstone National Park *
3) Yosemite National Park
4) The Badlands
5) Niagra Falls
6) Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks (side-by-side, enough to be one)
7) Hawaiian Volcanoes

Honorable mention:
Everglades * (this won't make anyone else's list, but I'm a Florida boy at heart)


1) Mount Rushmore
2) The Statue of Liberty * (seen from a distance)
3) Golden Gate Bridge
4) Hoover Dam
5) Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys *
6) Empire State Building *
7) Kennedy Space Center * (for historical significance)

I know that I know that I know that you guys have lists where I'm gonna say d'uoh! And I know someone's gonna say, where's Disney? Maybe, after all is said and done, we can come up with the definitive list of Seven Wonders of the United States of America here for The Realm of Possibility that we can all somewhat agree upon. So shoot.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to quantify this as a "wonder," but to me, autumn in New England is as good as it gets. As amazing as it is to look at the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls - and these are stunning things to see - just driving through Vermont and New Hampshire in late September does more to amaze me and fill me with appreciation for the natural beauty of creation than anything else. And it is essentially unique to that little corner of the world. (Apparently, there is a tiny portion of Japan that is close to northern New England in terms of climate, but no place gets quite the burst of fall color that they have in NH, VT, and parts of Maine.) Fot those that have never been there during late September or October, it's something you'll want to see.

And having spent most of the last week on business travel in Vermont (with a side trek into NH on my time), I was reminded that New England is incredibly beautiful year-around. But it's really special in the fall. I'm hoping my job takes me back frequently in September and October.


Milly said...

The cake a coworker made last week.

It had chocolate cake with nuts on top vanilla pudding stuff and pralines. I licked my piece so that the others in the break room would leave it alone while I was in the ladies room.

Milly said...

The Golden Gate Bridge *
Watching a rocket launch*
The Big Blue Whale* Route 66
The big Totem Poles in Adair Oklahoma * Route 66
Porter Peaches *
Hawaii has several things and places that are amazing *
Glacier Bay*
Acoma- it’s an amazing village and a matriarch *
Muir Woods*