Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Goin' Mobile

Or, going to Mobile, rather, as in Mobile, AL, for the Huntsville International Red 9- and 10-year old All-Stars playing in the State Little League Tournament. I'll be leaving (and believing!!!) Friday morning when we head down to Mobile for my son's, Carson's, and his team's (pictured to the right) double-elimination tournament. Their first game is set for Saturday at 5:30 p.m. It's been a loooooooooong baseball season, but all kinds of fun. I'm very happy for our stellar Mayfair Park for having a team win the Huntsville tournament, and it'd be nice to cap it off with a good showing at State.

Carson's been pumped about baseball this year, and just when I thought it might be lasting too long, now he's saying he wants to skip football and play baseball in the Fall or play travel ball. Not sure what to think about that yet. Digressing...

Wish us all kinds of luck and good fortun... errrrrrrrrr... I can't lie. Wish us all kinds of winning!!! That's what we really want. Actually, it's been a great experience for the boys and one they'll remember and cherish a long time, hopefully, the rest of their lives. Carson's played on losing teams before, but last year his team won their league, and this year his team (a different one) did it again and went undefeated. Now, his All-Star team has won all their games, so it's been a while since he's taken in that awful, bitter taste of defeat. Can it be a while longer? Let's hope so. The more we win, the longer I miss work! And I know Carson wants to win, big time.

But just so everyone has fun. Right?


Side Note: I'm not sure whether I'll have a computer or not, so we'll see what Ken comes up with while I'm gone. Could get interesting around here. But maybe I'll get a post or two in... and leave one in the can that Ken can publish when the time's right. Maybe I'll go all Nostradamus and throw down a quatraint predicting that the stock market will hover around 8,000 next week. Yeah, I'm that good.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Carson and his team! Y'all have fun, okay?


Rich said...

THANK YOU, Wanda!!!

We'll have fun, especially if we wi... nah, I won't go there. We'll just have fun!

DugALug said...

Go Carson! My girls are cheering for you... I am too!


Rich said...

On a foreign computer, but HEY!

We won our first game! Play the next one in a couple hours.

Go Big Red!


Rich said...
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Diabolical Genius said...


Can we get another update?

Rich said...

We're 2-1 now... much to tell - good and bad. But time and computer access is limited.

Rich said...


Rich said...


Finished second in state, which for the kids, really was a great accomplishment. Plus, if we'd have had to gone on to Virginia for regionals, I'd probably have had to stop by the bankruptcy court on the way home and declared Chapter 7 (is that right?).

However, I might have, at least once or twice on this blog, mentioned my feelings on second place, so... it hurts. But I'm happy for Carson and his team. For our park, they've done something no team has done before. Hats off to the boys!!!

DugALug said...

Congrats Carson! Rich, based on what you told me. That is a great accomplishment.

God Bless