Thursday, July 09, 2009

Knock, knock, knock...Rich. Knock, knock, knock...Rich. Knock, knock, knock... Rich. Knock, knock, knock... Rich. Knock, knock, knock... Rich.

(Ed. note: OK, THAT'S TOO COOL!! Sorry for shouting, but thanks to Milly I just found It's very exciting. They have links to all the online retailers for the tshirts worn by Sheldon and Leonard on the show. Merry Christmas to me. BTW, is my geek showing?)

Since we're already two seasons in, this may be a tad gauche. But since I've always been known for my devil-may-care Errol Flynn-type audacity, here goes anyway. I love me some Big Bang Theory.

(And no, in case you're wondering. This is not like Rich's unhealthy obsession with alternative country song lyrics or the the show 24.)

I love me some Sheldon, some Leonard, some Penny, some Raj, and some Howard. But especially some Sheldon.

I think it may be that I just relate more to his character. In all probability either because we're both geniuses or because both of us are tall, suave, Southern boys. At any rate, if you don't know what I'm talking about right now, run don't walk to the Netflix link on the sidebar and move The Big Bang Theory Season 1 to the top of the queue.

I was a late convert myself. There, I admitted it. But don't continue to make the same mistake I did. It wouldn't wear as well on you, trust me. From the show's title to its closing credits, the mirth and mayhem will keep you in stitches no matter which episode you are watching or which character you find most relatable.

Occam's razor suggests that we shouldn't analyze this further. However, if you're a fellow BBT fan, I'll indulge your secret need to share personal thoughts in a public forum using an impersonal technology, and we can discuss what makes this show so great while everyone else is left ostracized and puzzled by our witty banter.

Hey, someone in Kuala Lumpur just made popcorn in my microwave!


Anonymous said...

Can't say as I've ever watched 5 minutes of this show. I shy away from the comedies on tv. (as evidenced by my dour expression)

But --

is this this the same show that had the commercial where guys were doing "Rock, paper, scissors, Spock"? I thought that was funny.


Milly said...

My son and I laugh and laugh at this show. It's his people. You can order the shirts they wear and I'm getting a shower curtain for the kid because his eye lit up when he saw the one they have. My son actually explained the time space conundrum to me and was serious about it. I love the nerds so. I dated a guy like those guys, he’s scientist in New Mexico and has published several articles and I’ve seen some of his work on TV. (Oh the nerd that got away)

Milly said...

Can I say why I might smell the nicest?

I was told today that I smell nice by a man and I work in home improvement. Dudes you love those power tools. Nothing says smell me like Bosch and De Walt

Diabolical Genius said...

Same show Wanda. Like I said, check out a couple episodes. You'll thank me.

Diabolical Genius said...

I've been coveting Sheldon's t-shirts, Milly.

Where did u find them?

Now I know what to ask 4 come Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Ok nerd lover that I am I typed
t shirts from the big bang theory

Several places have them. The boy and I love those things but I have yet to order anything. I may have to do that for Christmas.

Happy shopping!


Betsy said...

Rich! I was just thinking about ya the other day and wondering if I could find your blog again! Crazy!

Yes, 2006 and I was still prego. Having a baby, going to school and working full time made for some changes in my internet habits... go figure!

I'm still working on the thesis. I finished all my classes last year. Yay! But the hurricane last fall caused some unexpected delays. Hopefully I'll be done soon!

I love me some Sheldon, too, btw. But I'm strangely partial to Raj.

Rich said...

Whattup, Betsy?

Congrats on not only one beautiful child, but two, right? Try three! It's a magic number.

2006 was when Ken and I started on the first installment of our Legend Hunters saga, which we're currently still going on. Tell you what. We'll race. You with you thesis and us with our story. Mark, get set, go!

Anyway, welcome... back!

BBT... the few times I've seen it, as Ken writes, it's been pretty funny. The only shows I really make time to watch right now are Psych and Burn Notice (both on USA). Even 24, my old fav, has gone to pasture. But I will see Two and a Half Men and BBT sometimes, and I enjoy those.

Alright, one more of these posts o' Ken I'm gonna comment on, and then I've got to fly.

Diabolical Genius said...



(sorry for shouting)