Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lite Fare for Saturday Mid-Morning Brunch

  • Excited about today. Ken, one of his friends, and I are seeing District 9 at the 4:10 matinee. Also, I'm angling for Ken to write the review here at The Realm as he told me he doesn't know much about the movie at all going into watching, so he's a blank slate. On this one, I'm more of the fan-boy.

  • Anyone played that game Ballies online? That's an addictive little game. I just found it last week. Right now my record's 1,372,000, which, I believe means, I'm a moron but not yet a geek. I probably shouldn't ask, but any other games I ought to know about out there?

  • My son's been reading some Amazing Spider-Man (ASM) comics. At what point did the heads of comic book companies everywhere decide that comics were no longer for children, and they needed to have "A" (Adult) ratings? I really think, especially with time-honored heroes like Spidey, writers could pen stories satisfying for both, without the "adult situations" that give it the label. And I'm not talking about the POW, BAM, OOOOFFF cartoon violence here. I don't mind that they do it with off-shoot Spidey comics, but the long-continuing run of ASM, that one I wish they'd have left sacred, meaning kid-friendly, at least for the most part.

  • Speaking of adult situations, I wrote some of my bills out this morning. Aside from getting root canals, colonoscopies, or taxes, bill-writing is probably the least fun part of "adult-life" for me.

  • My parents leave tomorrow to go back to Texas and close on their house. I'm not a big news watcher, but my mom is, and when she was watching last night, it seemed there were two big stories. One, some dude that had been on a reality show killed a model named Jasmine Fiore. Apparently, that was breaking news, and the guy was on the loose, maybe up near Canada somewhere. Is there a scoop on that? Then, and mom looked at me like I was crazy when I didn't know about this one, some chick had smothered her child, I guess, and was going through a trial. I may be wrong, and I don't mean to sound callous or demean the persons involved in these specific cases, but aren't there trials going on all over the country with similar sad stories? How do the ones that become sensationalized get that way? Well, mom will leave tomorrow, and I'll never find out the end of these stories unless someone on the blog or someone at work tells me. Keep me informed guys. Or, you can do what you want, is what I mean to say.

  • I did want to ask this, off the subject of anything. With newspapers being a dying lifeform, what's going to happen with all the funnies? Will they die a slow death as well, or can the artists that render them make a living online or with graphic books? In fact, even more specifically, I wanted to know if anyone had any favorite cartoons in the papers these days. I don't get a paper anymore, plus I live in Huntsville, so we got, if I remember correctly, re-runs of Peanuts and Hagar the Horrible, some Funky Winkerbean, For Better or For Worst, the Family Circus, a few others.

  • Okay, Dolphins second preseason game tonight. Usain Bolt smashed another world record - how fast is this guy? I know, very fast. Heather Locklear's re-joing Melrose Place - huh? The stock market's up to 9,500+. I'm going out to mow the grass. Also, I had sugar smacks this morning. Whew. Glad I mentioned all that. Now, I feel like a blogger! Anyone with any miscellany that you know is going on or if you have any in your life, this is the place to let us know. Have a great Saturday and weekend!


Diabolical Genius said...

Is that game pronounced Ballies or Ballies?

Anonymous said...

My fave cartoon in the newspaper is Luann. I used to read it online, but I've had trouble lately, getting to it. LeSigh.


Rich said...

Guess the reality TV guy, Ryan Jenkins, ended up hanging himself in a motel in Canada. The MSN story can be found here: