Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh the Humanities!

High connoisseurs of all things artistic that we are here at The Realm of Possibility, I present the quiz you'll find below my bloviating. Prior to the couth that I now parade, back in the days of yore, I recall disputing with my 12th grade Humanities teacher, Ms. Flannagan, that people couldn't tell the difference between what passes for modern art and something a child might create. The following exam takes my assertion one step farther, and includes not only a preschool child but also an animal, that being an elephant from the Calgary zoo. Now that I've become more refined in my middle years, I have some time ago recanted my former position and stand squarely in the ranks championed by my former Humanities mentor. In an effort to prove the stance to which we hold fast, let me take no more time other than to, first, present the players - they shall be your choices for the pictures below.

Jean Miotte is a semi-famous contemporary artist who resides in New York, NY. Her work is displayed in many private galleries, and a few public galleries, including the famous Guggenheim Museum. She expresses herself with gestural brushstrokes and thick color pools, inspired by her inner conflicts.

Jackson Pollock was an influential American artist and a major force in the abstract expressionism movement. By the mid to late 1940's he developed a painting method which made him famous: dripping paint on large flat canvasses to create expressions of "unconscious imagery". Jackson Pollock died in Long Island, New York, in a car accident.

Kamala the elephant resides in the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada. Kamala expresses her mood through a form of "finger (or, should we say, trunk) painting", using custom made brushes onto an easel mounted canvas. Some of her paintings have sold for over 2,000 dollars!

Ian Ford is a preschooler from the United States. He likes to eat paste (just kidding).

Please choose from the "artists" above which one you think rendered each of the seven following paintings:

Picture A:

Picture B:

Picture C:

Picture D:
Picture E:

Picture F: Picture G:

Now, I feel fully confident that our Realm denizens will each score 100% on this fine artistic examination, however, I'll just voice that we are on the honor system here, so please aim to make the choices your own and not to look at what commenters previous to you have committed themselves to so far as their decisions.

[Note: the above contest is a straight rip from the animation and web design company's site, The answers to the quiz above are on this page here. Again, go to the site, if you wish, but please don't look at the answers until after you've posted the answers under our comments section. Thanks! Enjoy!]


DugALug said...


I agree with your original assertion. I can't tell boo about these, but I have a very funny story about 'modern art'.

I have a friend living in Soho who decided one day that she was going to paint some 'abstract' art. Armed with some paint brushes an easel, and paints, she threw some paint onto a canvas. After looking at them, she realized that they were like the pictures that you showed above.

Figuring that they were totally worthless, she decided to chuck them. When whe was throwing them out, one of her neighbors (a 'collector') saw them, and offered her $500 for the three of them. He went on to tell her that he could arrange an exhibit for her at a local gallery. She ended up making about $10,000. And to this day, she held that they looked like paintings that a kindergartner could have done.

So HA to all you artsy types that would laud any of this 'art' over a good Renoir, Manet, or Monet.

God Bless

Milly said...

Here goes and I know I'm getting some wrong.

Jackson Pollock A&G

Kamala the elephant B

Ian Ford D

Jean Miotte F & C

I'm not sure about E it's too happy to be a Pollock and it doesn't seem to fit Jean Miotte's profile. I don't think that Kamala did it. My guess is Ian Ford

Milly said...

I missed B I think and that one is most likely an elephant. The brush strokes make a swoopy.

Diabolical Genius said...

I'm more of a word guy. If you could tell me what the names of the paintings are, I could get them all correct.