Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This... This... Is a Bad Idea

From News of the Weird on Yahoo, I give you this story of reality TV going just a bit too far:

LEAD STORY: So a priest, a rabbi, an imam and a monk walk into a bar ... to convert atheists, and it's coming soon to Turkish television.

Apparently believing that religious competition in the Middle East is not exciting enough already, the television station Kanal T in Istanbul, Turkey, is preparing a reality game show for September release in which 10 certified atheists try to resist conversion by a priest, a rabbi, a Muslim imam and a Buddhist monk. The exact rules have not been disclosed, but the "winning" convert will receive an expense-paid trip to the holy land of the most persuasive religion (the Vatican, Jerusalem, Mecca or Tibet). According to a July Reuters report, Turkey's Islamic Religious Affairs Directorate, not surprisingly, had vowed never to co-operate. [Reuters, 7-3-09]

Those crazy Turks. You know we Americans would neeeeeeever do anything like this (my words drip with sarcasm, if you cannot tell). You know what? I'm cheering for the Buddhist Monk to win. Ugh!


DugALug said...

You know, I went to Ankara, Turkey a few months ago. It is without a doubt the most non-Middle-Eastern-Arabic/Persian country in the Middle East (very much like Israel). It was much more like Europe than the Middle-East.

Nothing like UAE, Lebanon, or what my wife said Egypt was like. They are like going back in a time capsule 30 years.

God Bless

Kevin Knox said...

The Week magazine held a contest for the title of this show. The winner was:
Surviver - Eternity