Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Whirlwind Shopping Spree

Now that I've turned 42 (yesterday), here's a list of toys that I'm going to buy with all the money I was sent for my b-day by loving relatives (THANKS, GUYS!!!):

Medical bills for chest pains, Achilles, kidney stone

No, that's it.

Happy Birthday to me. Or, like I've been saying to everyone around my work that stops in to wish me a happy one, I tell them, "Once you turn 40, after that it's just 'birthday', not 'happy birthday!'."

I've become the birthday Ebenezer Scrooge. Have a holly, jolly day!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll wish you a happy birthday (albeit late), anyway. Keep your humbugs to youself!

I'll join you in the 42 bracket later this year, so you'll have company.


Rich said...

Well, I'd tell you to stay 41 and not turn 42, but you know what? 41 was a rough, tough year for me. Come to think of it, so were 39 and 40.

Hopefully, 42 will be better.

Anonymous said...

Just look at it this way -- you can have twice the fun of 21 !

(get it?)


Laura Leigh said...

I hope you have a very happy year!

Rich said...

21 was fun, Wanda, if I recall... but those days of my youth really are running together and I'm getting hazy on all of them at this point. Maybe 21 years later, as you allude, my delusions will provide twice the fun. One can hope.

Rich said...

Many thanks, Laura Leigh. Right now, I'd settle for one where I don't see a doctor (other than a dentist for a routine check-up) all year long.

Also, a NY-styled cheesecake with that cherry filling on top, that'd be nice sometime this year, too.

Anonymous said...

Rich, I was thinking more along the lines of 21+21=42


Rich said...

I got that, Wanda. I was just trying to say, and I failed, obviously, that 21 was going to be tough to beat, and if you add that other 21 (21+21=42), the only way I'm gonna have twice the fun at 42 is in my dreams.

But maybe I'm naysaying too early. Maybe 42 has riches (not monetary... necessarily :), but that would be okay, too) galore in store that one such as I can hardly fathom. Time shall tell.

DugALug said...

Happy Birthday Rich!

Or should I say Mr. Pearce... for a whole month and a half you are a year older than me!

Kidney stones? Yikes... I've had them a few times... they really stink.

God Bless

Rich said...

You can say... the Elder Pearce.

And then come to me for all things wisdomesque. I am happy to humbly guide you onto narrow paths.

Oh, and let me just say for the record:

"Really stinks" is a complete understatement for kidney stones.

It's more like:


or something like that, if I remember... correctly. (in best Brian Regan voice)