Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Television With and Without Pity

The snarky Television Without Pity (TWoP) has put out it's Fall lists, so let's run through a few of these, shall we?

Because it's the most fun, let's hit the Worst New Shows first. Take a look at the link because I won't be listing but a few. Still, take a gander of a few of the gems on this list:

Melrose Place: I saw on MSN that Heather Locklear had signed on. She's not in the pic they have up, and I doubt she could save this one. Well, save it in my eyes, I mean. Somehow, 90210 the 2nd is still on TV.

The Vampire Diaries: I guess this is Twilight the TV show. Vampires are the rage right now, so maybe it has a chance. It'll have to take that chance sans Rich. I won't be watching.

Accidentally on Purpose: When I saw a preview of this show, I thought it was a Big Bang Theory knockoff. Unfortunately, reading about it, it sounds worse.

Eastwick: Didn't like the movie, Witches of Eastwick, so can't imagine watching or enjoying a second-rate version.

Mercy: What?! A show about a hospital? What an ingenious idea! Man, I wish I could be the one who thinks of these things. This is the reason I still work in Contracts.

Hank: Kelsey Grammar is back, apparently fired from his job and living with hillbillies in Virginia. Does that mean Washington DC?

Gotta think I'm with TWoP on these and the others it lists as the awfuls. Can't imagine watching any of them

Looking at brighter concepts, let's now skim through what TWoP considers the Best New Shows. Again, I won't be listing all of these, and you could certainly find a winner for yourself in the ones I don't mention (like, I'm not going to mention Glee).

Community: Does anyone remember Chevy Chase? I think they've got him teaching law here. The premise of this show gives it a chance, but I'm not sure how long it'll keep the attention.

The Good Wife: Probably not my type of show, but Julianna Margulies was very good in her run on ER, and Chris Noth seems to fit the smarmy, politician type to a tee. It has potential.

Cougar Town: Okay, I'm boycotting this one on title alone. Cougar Town? Cougar Town. Courteney Cox is in it. A divorced wife moving on. TWoP says it's funny and works. Okay.

FlashForward: Don't know anything about this one except the whole humna race suffers a blackout for two minutes, and everyone gets a glimpse of their future. Heard a preview on that.

V: COUNT ME IN!!! The '80s miniseries with the lizard aliens revamped, and Morena Baccarin (from the awesome Firefly) stars! Abso-BANNERMAN-lutley!!!

Like I said, take a look at some of the others. Maybe there's a new show you might find interesting enough to let it garner 30 minutes or an hour of your life each week.

And then TWoP discusses it's Best and Worst Returning Shows for if Fall 2009 TV Preview.

90210 - Worst: Melrose Place we've already discussed. Must we go on with this tripe?

One Tree Hill - Worst: Gone are Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. I thought those two were the reasons people watched this show.

Bones - Worst: TWoP really likes this show, but they're penalizing it for it's lame finale. Along with The Mentalist, these are my dad's favorite TV shows. Bones shouldn't be listed as a "Worst", but then, I don't think it's a "Best", either.

Fringe - Best: I've always been interested about this show but never found the time to watch. Has anyone ever seen it?

The Office - Best: After a bit of a lapse, last season was good, and this season has the potential to be better. Certainly one of the best sit-coms of the 2000s.

Parks and Recreation - Worst: This show is another that shouldn't be listed as a "Worst" but isn't anywhere close to a "Best".

Dollhouse - Best: Josh Whedon's association alone is probably enough to for me to say this is a watchable show; however, I've never seen it. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Curb Your Enthusiasm: - Best: It's back, and this time with some Seinfeld characters. Because it's on HBO, I don't get to see this one, but I did see some of the old shows, and some were really funny.

The Big Bang Theory - Best: We can all just say we like this one. It's been mentioned before here at The Realm.

Castle - Best: Nate Fillion (that's right, Firefly, once again) does the heavy lifting on this one. I watched my first Castle the other night, and I enjoyed it.

Heroes - Worst: Year One of Heroes - great. Year Everything Else - real, real bad. Convoluted. Too bad. I had such hopes.

House - Best: Hugh Laurie is simply magnificent. But then, if you don't see it now, is there a show that's in syndication more than House? It's the new Law and Order of re-runs.

How I Met Your Mother - Best: I've heard this show is funny. Never seen it.

Grey's Anatomy - Worst: I love TWoP for saying stuff like this. Thank you.

The Mentalist - Best: Not my favorite - my dad's favorite. Take that for what it's worth.

Smallville - Worst: Sometimes, the best shows hold on too long.

Desperate Housewives - Worst: Again, thank you, TWoP.

So many I didn't list, but hopefully you get something out of what I did. Check out TWoP here and there. Some of their recaps are hilarious, if you're into that sort of reading. It's not for everyone; certainly not for kids.

Lastly, before I go, is there anything good you're watching right now? I've watched a couple episodes of Warehouse 13, and the jury's still out for me. Also, Royal Pains season finale is Thursday, and that show has been fun, although it ranks # 3 on USA for me after Psych and Burn Notice. [Late Addition: I've also watched Merlin a couple times on Sunday nights, and that's been kind of fun to explain to my kids.]

Tell me what you think is good, bad, and completely unwatchable.


Anonymous said...

I'm game to try FlashForward. Love the weird shows!!! The lame-o shows really sound lame this year. I haven't enjoyed a vampire show since "Forever Knight".

I'm still looking forward to my NCIS fix. :o) Mark Harmon. 'nough said.


Shawn said...

V...the young boy in it is my son't best friend -LOGAN HUFFMAN...I taught him in my homeschool for years and we vacation with the Huffman family often. It's supposed to be terrific!!

Rich said...


How cool is that???!!! Congrats to Logan! I still remember the old V and being creeped out as a kid (in a good way), so I'm looking forward to this one. Will definitely watch for Logan. That's awesome!