Saturday, August 01, 2009

Que' es esto?!?

A mini-investigation conducted by MonsterQuest of the creature shown in this picture has caused something of a stir among their viewership.

The show, which is usually pretty thorough in its investigation of every possible angle, clipped sketchy details of this find onto another completely unrelated story about flying humanoids. This much is true.

Allegedly, this creature/ animal was caught in Mexico in a rat trap (also shown in the picture) and continued to live in a cage for some days afterward.

The scientific experts seemed baffled after examination of its corpse, and the show ended with results of DNA testing glossed over. The result of the shoddy coverage has been a rush by loyal viewers to opinions at polar opposites. Some cry that the show aired something that they knew to be a hoax just to fill time in an incomplete episode, and others have rushed to claim a cover-up of some of the most compelling tangible evidence in any of the previous MonsterQuest episodes.

Watch online or catch the re-broadcast next Saturday, August 8th on the History Channel and let us know what you think. Que' es esto?


DugALug said...

Okay... this 'creature' is lame. Am I to believe that these things traveled from distant worlds only to be thwarted by a rat trap?! Come On!

Its like the movie Signs (remember when Mel was good and Phoenix was rising), it's a good thing those aliens landed in some rural farm area. If those farmers were able put that kind of whooping on them, imagine if they would have landed somewhere like in the middle of the Bronx... we are talking ugly!

God Bless

Rich said...

What is this!?!

Sounds like most of the MonsterQuest insiders were thinking chupacabra, but I don't know if it fit the goat sucker pictures I've seen.

However, Doug alludes alien above, and I don't think the MQ people were alleging that.

I did see the flying humanoid episode, at least in parts, and I agree with most of the MQ questioners as to what did this thing have to do with the flying humanoids they for which they were looking? There didn't seem to be a connection except for the "same general territory." It didn't seem like there was much to the flying humanoids, so they decided to include this little bugger along with it. However, this little dude seemed like it warranted the MQ episode, as they had actual evidence that they could test.

How many times does MQ actually come up with something like this?

Diabolical Genius said...

Yeah. I know this is the Realm of Possibility, but aliens... come on.

I was thinking some sort of hairless monkey, which would still be quite a find in Mexico.

As far as Chupacabra goes. Would any carcass need to fit the artist renderings or should the renderings be modified to fit whatever the remains look like?

Rich said...

As far as Chupacabra goes. Would any carcass need to fit the artist renderings or should the renderings be modified to fit whatever the remains look like?

I was under the impression that people had actually seen evidence or videoed evidence of chupacabras. Then, like with police drawings or with videos, why wouldn't one use the artist renderings when looking at further specimens of the same creature? That would only make sense, wouldn't it?

Now, that I've gone and YouTubed, there was at least one sighting that DID look like the little monster corpse. The video included profanity, too. Well worth watching with popcorn for the minute it lasted.

DugALug said...

Man Ken!

I watched the link and figured that was what they were implying (as in aliens).

I have noticed that most character sketched from alien sighting look spookily similar to long-neck bottles of beer.

God Bless

Milly said...

BTW anyone else think it odd that the Mel aliens could conquer space flight and cool gadgets but not open doors?

It’s like men can install a toilet but not change the paper on the roll.

Diabolical Genius said...

I gues that's just M. Night Shamalamadingdong for you.

I like that he thinks outside the box on his premises, but the details like that seem to get him in every movie.

Still, Signs was much better than Lady in the Water. Unbreakable was pretty good, too.

So, nobody sees an animal in this picture??