Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chewin' the Veggies

With the fairly conservative Christian vibe (although that certainly isn't an absolute nor should it be here) I get from most of the comments here in The Realm, I probably already know the answer to this one. However, I want to throw this one out there, for posterity's sake if nothing else.

Veggie Tales - Pro or Con

Why or why not? And is their day done? If so, anyone in the know have an idea what the next big thing Christian retailers are going to put out our way for our children? I don't frequent Christian bookstores much, so there might already be something I haven't heard of. Let me know.

Consider me interested.

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DugALug said...


My daughter likes it and it is clean: 1 to the good.

Larry Boy: 1 to the good.

Muttled biblical messages: wash

Significant Christian value? Not really: 1 to the bad.

Overhyped: 1 to the bad

Al Yankovic like rip-off of themes: 1 to the bad

Positive messages: 1 to the good.

Final tally: 0: its a wash.

I went through a phase where I liked them, but that has long since gone. My daughter Emily wavers on them, but she generally likes them. Also we have big Veggie-Tale premiers at our church. That is pretty fun. I think VT is a little commercialized and overhyped.

I really don't know what is coming down the pipe either.