Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be Mine

Despite the negative take I had on today's holiday in an earlier post -- and perhaps I've scared a lot of people away from The Realm today because of my not-so-chivalrous thoughts on this romantic little day -- I'm like the little kid trudging to home plate, bat in hand, to face the all-star pitcher who can't possibly be in my age bracket. Every time I've faced him, he's thrown three pitches by me and sent me back to the dugout with my tail between my legs. Usually, I'm praying for a walk because I'm smart enough to realize that's my only hope, but not today. Today, I'm settling into the batter's box with the full intention of swinging for the fences. What's the old saying? Swing hard in case you hit it? Yes! We'll see how it goes. I still fully expect to strike out, but I'll be happy if I can foul off a couple of pitches. And the longer the foul, the better.

But if your Happy Valentine's Day is going really well or turns out to be an awesome day, why not share it with the other denizens of The Realm? Everyone loves a sappy, romance story. Okay, well, most people do. Alright, probably only half the people. Wait, make that 35%. You're probably right. Just those ladies that are buying Harlequin romance novels and Danielle Steele re-prints. But I'm sure that there are people like that who read our blog. Mmm, "sure" may be overstating it, but "probably" there "might be" someone who "may" care.

And I'm also quite certain no one will make fun of you. Er, maybe not quite 100% sure, but I know it's got to be in the ball park - at least in the 90 percentiles. I know I won't joke about it. Well, then again, "know" sounds a little too definite, but I'll try to be a good human being while reading your mushy story(ies).

You know what? How about just telling if your Valentine's Day goes rotten. Now that I know everyone will want to hear! It builds up everyone else's self-esteem, and who doesn't love that?

Happy V-Day everyone!!!


Rich said...

Is the cat out of the bag yet that I'm a total jerk?

Ken knows, but I wasn't sure everyone else did, so I wrote this post.

B said...

My valentine's day this year has been just wonderful. My morning sickness decided to come back. And it wants to stick around all day! It's been great.

Rich said...

Now that's what I like to hear, b!

Of cooooooooourrrrrse, I'm joking. Hopefully, you feel better fast.

WandaV said...

Hubby got me some Dayquil, Nyquil and eyedrops for my dry eyes.

He also got me a cute card.

That's o.k. He's taking me to Orange Beach for the writer's conference. Woohoo.

still sneezing

Rich said...

Get better, Wanda V!

Rich said...

Hey! I broke up the no-hitter with a single I stretched into a double.

The boys and I hd a good time surprising my wife (and daughter who was a little too surprised when my boys shouted, "Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day!" and broke into a short cry. But the meal we made turned out to be good, and everyone had a great time.

Hopefully, all of you had a good one as well, and just as optimistically, I hope the two girls that actually read this blog both are getting over their respective sicknesses.