Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Lyric of the Day

(I put this in the sidebar "Lyric of the Day," but it doesn't look good. Hopefully, we can fix it or if not, maybe we'll just lose it. But I wanted to get Sunday's lyric up -- but not to trump Ken's awesome post on angels.)

Let me sit at your holy feet,
let me count the hard cost
of what is right and what is wrong,
of who is king and who can only be the boss.
Let me lie awake and seek the truth from thy holy face
out of thy holy mouth thundering forth out of the holy place.

Let me walk and stand and talk with the mind of one given over
only to the things that I know you hold dear.
Let me soften my heart, let me harden my footsteps,
As I press toward the mark of your safe place without any fear.

Hold dearly to me.
Hold dearly to me.
Hide me, drape me, closely and safely.

Hold dearly to me...

-- Hold Dearly to Me, Michael Roe

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