Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Lyric of the Day

My old man has brought a half a dozen wives into the world.
I met him last year after twenty years or so with no words.
What a strange look in his eye - I thought he knew,
Just what it's like to walk out, out, out of the blue,
Leave behind him every trace of those he knew.
He made me see all I could lose with you.

-- Where We Began, Warren Zanes


codepoke said...

I had to read this a bunch of times, just to get it. Cool pick.

Brett said...

Great lyric. Great song. Absolutely GREAT song. Zanes claims the lyric is biographical. I guess there were 20 years in his life where his father was just absent. (We can assume his dad was off marrying and divorcing a bunch of women.)

My folks are such an enormous part of my life. I wonder what impact Zanes' father had (or failed to have) in his life.

To me, this is one of the purposes of art - to make us think beyond our own experience. A lot of Very Smart People think of pop music as low art - unsophisticated, a way for kids to kill time. I think such people are full of crap. They aren't listening to the right pop.

Rich does us a service by posting lyrics that provoke thought (and typically from excellent songs because Rich has good musical taste). Good art is good art, regardless of the medium in which it is delivered.

Rich said...

Oh, I can throw down a few thoughtless lyrics, Brett. Just wait and see. Thanks, though.