Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DETECTIVE Work on Some MARVELous Movies Based on COMICS

Slinging around the web, I've unearthed some sinister plans about some of our friendly, neighborhood heroes that may be just crazy enough to work.

WARNING: Some Spoilers Contained in the Tidbits Below and at the Links

X-Men –2006
  • Titled X3: The Last Stand
  • Includes Psylocke, Angel, Juggernaut, Jubilee, and Omega Red
  • Also Dr. Frasier Crane as the gruff, but loveable Beast

Spiderman –2007

Fantastic Four –2007

  • Rumors of Silver Surfer and Galactus
  • Dr. Doom and Alicia Masters to Return
  • Tim Story back as director

Ghost Rider –2007

  • Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze
  • Also starring Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda

Captain America –2009

  • Road to Perdition and Thirteen Days writer working on script

Iron Man –20??

  • Marvel takes rights back
  • Looking for a new script (What do you think, Rich?)

Superman –2006

Batman –2007

  • Rumors that Paul "Chaucer" Bettany may play the Joker
  • Christian Bale and Michael Caine to reprise roles

More details about all these upcoming movies and more can also be found at Superhero Hype!, a cool site that tracks all the news about superhero-related movies, including Aquaman, Transformers, and more with daily updates.

Heard any other rumors??


Rich said...

I don't get the spoiler alert -- although I do respect you for adding it.

But really, isn't that just like saying, "Here's a post on a lot of cool stuff!!! But don't read it."


That said, you spoiled nothing for me. I have to say I'm pumped about Superman this summer. I'm a little worried about X-Men, but bringing in the bubbly, bouncy Beast is a thing of beauty. Kelsey Grammar, though? Hmm. Have to see. The Dark Phoenix storyline is a good one, though.

Then, 2007!!! Spidey 3, another Batman directed by Christopher Nolan, and an FF perhaps with the Surfer and Galactus, not to mention Ghost Rider.

2007 is gold, my friend. And I'll probably be shelling out a lot of it trying to get my family into the theaters next year (or sneaking off to the midnight movies myself late one dark and lonely Friday night).

Brett said...

Kelsey Grammer as the Beast? I don't get that. Sure, Frasier can pull off the cerebral stuff - and the Beast was supposed to be a brilliant dude. But physically, I just won't be able to buy it, I don't think.

Of course, I thought I'd have a hard time buying Ian McKellan as Magneto, and that's worked out okay. Certainly, McKellan and Grammer are in different classes as actors. But it's a comic book movie. And it will be heavily CGI'd, I'm sure. We'll see.

Paul Bettany is a fine actor, but I don't know if he can pull off the menace required for the role of the Joker. Maybe.

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor? Love it and hate it, both. Spacey is great. He'll be able to bring appropriate levels of humor and malice to the role. On the other hand, they have a young actor playing Superman/Clark Kent. Clark and Lex were supposed to be childhood friends. I'm disappointed that this movie is taking off (from what I understand) five years after Superman II, which was a campy, cheesey, lousy movie in a campy, cheesy, lousy, unserious series. This Superman will be better. How could it not? But I would like to have seen a move closer to the original Superman mythos rather than a continuation of the bastardization they put to film in the late '70s.