Friday, February 03, 2006

Can Somebody Please Find Ken?

I feel like I'm holding down the back fence at the Alamo, and it's being stormed by thousands and thousands, er, at least hundreds and hundreds, aw okay, dozens and dozens. But where are any of the on-theme posts, or Ken-theme posts, we love so much? Posts on things like...

The Garden of Eden's in Fiji

Giants in Your Backyard

Hating Wisdom

College Drop-outs

...are the posts we love to hear and the posts we miss. Whatever anyone here has done, Kenneth, we take it back. All of it. We need a Ken post. This site's DYING for a Ken post. And I don't mean this.

So I'd appreciate it if all you in The Realm would start looking for Ken, and if you find him, lemme know. You might start here:

[Oh, and I don't want to hear anything like, "Some of us work for a living," or "I've been really busy," dadada dadada dadada. Not gonna cut it. The only excuse that will, besides a tragedy -- in which case I'm truly a horse's derriere in the worst possible way -- is that, "I've been really working hard on the rewrite of chapters 1-4." That's it]

BTW, in the picture above I think I might have seen him. Ken's the blurry, blonde lady in the blue dress pushing the stroller.


DugALug said...


Hey I finally got around to getting my blog up. Check it out:


P&S said...

Here I am.

Ken Photo#1

No, wait. Here I am.

Ken Photo#2

Actually, I've been sick yesterday and today. Some kind of virus (hopefully not the computer variety) must be going around the Realm.

I'm only playing at about 50%, but I'll give 110% (whoops, wrong post for this) and try to get a post that will satiate the desperate need for more of me.

DugALug said...

Apparently rumors of Ken's demise have been greatly over-hyped. Glad to hear from ya Ken.


Rich said...


Went to your blog and commented on your 2nd post. Great job!!!

BTW, tell your wife hi and give your daughters kisses from our family.

Rich said...

Nice Photo # 2, Ken. That really is you!!!