Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Am I the only one here in cyberspace? It's 8:08 p.m., and I just noticed that I'm the only one who has commented or posted today. Wow. It's lonely being me. Maybe I need to travel to some different blogs just to correspond with actual people. More likely, I need to generate some livelier posts.

All this after I missed half the day taking my younger son to a doc-in-the-box because his regular pediatrician is off on Wednesdays. Turns out, (like my oldest) he has contracted strep throat. Also, he has a nasal/sinus infection, bronchitis, and two ear infections. Now, that's good parenting, I have to say -- letting your kid degenerate to that before getting him to his pediatrician. Well, now we have the fun of trying to force-feed Augmentin and some other cough antibiotic down his gullet. Or trick him. It's fun watching him wretching a dozen times just thinking about the medicine he's holding in his hand. Actually, it's not fun at all.

Back to the point, is anyone out there? I'm thinking we need to take the moderation button off. Then, maybe people will feel a little more free.

Oh well, to all a good night!


DugALug said...


Present! I'm here!


codepoke said...

Hey Dude,

I'm here. A little heavy hearted, but here. And there ain't no stinking moderation that will slow me down! (Honestly, I never notice it. You guys are pretty quick.)

About an hour ago I read Doug's words on Friendship, excellent; Ken's 4 Gansky links, pretty insightful guy; wondered why anyone would try to smuggle a skull; and wept a little at your Extraordinary Girl. All edifying! Just a little heavy to put another "nice post" out there. I sometimes wonder whether hearing that gets old to people.

Anyway, you brightened my evening a bunch (even with your amusing dig on my site - thanks!)

Rich said...

I'll say this, codepoke. It never gets old to me going to your site. You have excellent, well-thought out posts (far better than "nice posts") that feed me just by the reading of them.

Thanks for chiming in, guys. Good to know the universe isn't entirely hollow.

WandaV said...

It's now Thursday. My head is all wooly, but I'm here. Your bloggy thingy is a bright spot in my day. Keep on bloggin'.