Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Has Anyone Else Noticed...

...that the Jack Johnson Lyric of the Day over on the sidebar is turning into the Lyric of the Month? It may well turn into the Lyric of Quarter, then the Lyric of the Year, and finally the Lyric of This Blog Site's Life unless someone takes drastic measures. Now, I'm a Jack Johnson fan and a couple days of a Johnson quote isn't too bad a thing, but if we're going to have a Lyric of the Day - sort of like other more respectable blogs have banner's across the top of their sites with pithy quotes of the day - then maybe we should actually have a lyric each day. Else, let's call it what it is, which is basically a Lyric on the Sidebar Until Someone Gets Off Their Lazy Rump and Changes It.

I think we can already hear Ken's response to this post -- "Let's just take it down altogether as the Lyrics of the Day were a bad idea to begin with. Bad on the sidebar -- and no one reads the sidebar anyway -- and worse as actual posts as they are not really posts at all. And whose idea were those, Rich?"

Does that sound like something Ken might say? I think so, too. I better start formulating my response to that exact question. Also, I probably ought to find another picture of a horse's patoot and start my apologizing all over again.

Of course, I was probably the only fool who noticed anyway.


Anonymous said...

I vote for Lyric of the Year!!!!!

DugALug said...


I noticed too. I thought it was some sort of inside joke. Especially with your happy posting of lyrics all of the time anyway.