Monday, February 27, 2006

Right, Rhaggy!

As I was driving my kid to school this morning and getting frustrated with traffic -- although, admittedly, here in Huntsville, if you're upset with traffic, it'd probably be to your benefit for God to zap you to a place like NYC, LA, ATL, Boston, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, or any other metropolis with REAL traffic problems so you can spend a good while in repentance for for thoughtless, ridiculous folly -- and worrying about getting to work on time, I belted out, "Heaven's to Mergatroid!" That's an old Snagglepuss interjection for those of you too young, too old, too forgetful, or too mature to have remembered. I've got another Snaggely treasure that I use frequently as well: "Exit - Stage Left!"

Hearing myself say it, well, it got me to thinking just how many cartoon exclamations or phrases have entered my vernacular on a semi-regular basis. The title of this post, "Jenkies!", and "Zoiks!" are expressions I use all the time that come from the cartoon classic Scooby Doo! Where Are You?

I think Thinklings had a similar post a while back on phrases from movies or TV that have become part of people's family dialogue. I thought it might be alright to renew that issue here in The Realm to see how much Cartoon Culture and Pop Culture is leaking into our family or our own vocabularies.

I'm sure if I examined the issue closely, or more appropos if others examined me closely, I or they might say I've let culture slip into my life too much as a Christian. It may be so. But I'm just looking at it in fun right now. Judge me later.

Anyway, here are some other words and phrases that I use a lot in my life as I know it:

"Precisely, Robin." and "Right, chum." -- from the old Superfriends shows. Used usually with my kids for fun. And in return I get answers like, "Don't call me chum!"

Also from the 60s Batman movie: "Quick, Robin, to the Batmobile!" when we're heading to the car.

"Yea-a-a, Boo-Boo!" -- from Yogi Bear cartoons to answer in the affirmative, especially with my kids.

"Shazam!" -- from the Shazam/Isis Power Hour, used in lieu of "Aha!" or "Cool!" at times.

I used to use, "You're a meathead, dead from the neck up," with old, familiar friends, from All in the Family.

And I'll still use: "What's happening, Rog?" from What's Happening? and "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" from Different Strokes, but I use those with co-workers more than at home.

I've got more, but what about you? Anyone else have cartoon or movie/TV sayings that have infiltrated their lives and that they use every so often? Let's hear 'em!


Belinda said...

"Wonder Twins Powers, Activate...Form of a (fill in the blank)"--when trying to get the kids to cooperate in getting some task done.

"Give me my precious"--my sons sometimes say this using their most creepy Gollum voices to ask for something. It totally freaks me out!

DugALug said...


Gomer Pyle used 'Shazam' long before Shazam/Isis power hour.

'Great Horny-Toads' - Yosemite Sam

'Dynomyte' - J.J. Walker


Rich said...

Belinda -

Those are awesome, and (not to steal off you or anything but) we've used both of those around the Pearce household as well. Well, the Wonder Twins I use at work, more often than not.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --


GP used it, that's correct. But I never really watched Gomer. I did, OTOH, watch Shazam and Isis, especially Isis. So I'd have to think, I got it from Billy Batson going somewhere hidden and calling out:


"Dynomite!" is really good, too, and brings back the memories.

P&S said...

=> You're desssspicable!!

=> Inconceivable!!

=> Ruh-ro

=> Would you believe I missed it by that much?

=> Doh!!

=> You know what I'm gonna do? (pause) I'm gonna go down to the fillin' station and get me a bottle o' pop.

=> Have no fear, Underdog is here!

=> No bad... for a fat man with one eye.

=> You're killin' me, Smalls!

=> You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me?

=> Throw me a bone here.

=> (fill in the blank)... while you do the dishes.

=> Everybody likes parfait. Who doesn't like a parfait? Parfait is the most perfect dessert on the whole dang planet.