Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is It Worth It?

There once was a lady who taught Sunday School each week. As she got older, so, too, did her classes. Eventually, she taught the class of the oldest Sunday School attendees in her church. At youngest, they were septuagenarians and the others octogenarians. Not many of the elderly people enjoyed promoting to this class, for the only promotion out I need not even state. Most of the time, she taught less than five, and usually only one or two ladies attended. Nonetheless, this teacher diligently prepared every single week of every single year to teach those who would show. And many times, no one did. Each week thereafter, the lady teaching prepared again the same way to teach a full lesson. For the women who came, when they came, it was this teacher's lessons that were the reasons they made it to church anymore. But there was really only two or three of them, if any most times. For that teacher... to God... could this have possibly been worth it?

There once was a lady who accepted a career to teach one person. No one else could get through to this girl. She had been born deaf and blind. Even if the teacher could reach this little, frustrated, angst-ridden girl, what difference could it have made? Could this have possibly been worth it?

There once was a mother who delivered a severely autistic child. Her husband had fought in Vietnam and, although he loved the child, wasn't in much of a condition to help with its welfare. That mother worked long days to provide for her child, sacrificed basically all of her outside life to nurture that child, and raised it into its adulthood. The child never got any better; all he knew was his mother's love. Could it have been worth it?

There once was a blogger who blogged. Only one person came to the site, but that one person laughed, hurt, cried, rejoiced, and had needs met reading the blog. The blogger "wasted" all kinds of time blogging and never even knew that one person that read the blog. Neither did anyone else...


DugALug said...


Nice post... what's the answer? Is it worth it?


Rich said...


Everyone can decide that for themselves.