Friday, February 24, 2006

Rank Jerry or No Soup for You! has a top episodes of Seinfeld list with which I have a problem. Well, my life problems continue pouring out over this blog, I realize, but this one's serious. Of their Top 10, only 3 or 4 are really top tenners in my book.

So, let me ask regents of The Realm to rank their own Top Ten Seinfeld episodes (which should take a lot less time than me compiling yet another lousy Top Ten list). To get more info on each one: spells it out for you in their Episode List, all nine years and the pilot. Here are mine, without my usual Top Ten rhetoric underlying why I feel so:

10) The Rye
9) The Fusilli Jerry
8) The Parking Garage
7) The Chinese Restaurant
6) The Junior Mint
5) The Sponge
4) The Puffy Shirt
3) The Marine Bilogist
2) The Soup Nazi
1) The Contest

Trying to really put these in order is tough (but fun), so if you'd rather just throw out the ten you remember most fondly, that's fine too. There are so many great ones, it's hard to narrow it down. And there are so many more Seinfeld sayings and Seinfeld moments that could make this post go on for close to ever. I'll stop here, but you can continue it on.

Note: Also worth noting is that the majority of people think that Seinfeld never jumped the shark.


P&S said...

I think he did jump the shark. It just wasn't until the last episode.

I'll give you the correct top10 later.

DugALug said...


I don't know the episodes, but my favorites were:

1) The 'Man'-zere
2) Kramer and the 'Turkey Baster'.
3) The Soup Nazi
4) Elaine's boyfriend telling her that she is 'going to hell'.
5) The Elanaine 'Pseudo-dance'
6) The Yada-Yada episode
7) Kramer's 'automated' movie phone
8) Kramer posing as an employee and moving up the corporate ladder.
9) The Chinese Resaurant
10) The Junior Mint

Special mention needs to go to the episode where Elaine is subjected to watching the The English Patient multiple times. My wife and I saw it on our Honeymoon and rated it as one of the worst movies of all time. We get a chuckle out of Elaine's comments.


P&S said...

Here's my top 10:

10- The Caddy: George is at work when we leave at night and at work when we arrive in the morning.

9- The PEZ Dispenser: Elaine's inappropriate laughter and the intervention

8- The Race: I choose not to run

7- The Airport: 1st class vs. coach

6- The Parking Garage: I gotta go

5- The Kiss Hello: the kisses, the physical therapist, and the far drop-off

4- The Pledge Drive: Cutting your Snickers, the finger, and Grandma's checks

3- The Apology: Good naked/Bad naked, and the shower disposal

2- The Boyfriend: The Second Spitter

1- The Pitch: It's a Show about Nothing

WandaV said...

I have to tell you-- I've never watched a whole episode of Seinfeld.

Are you shocked?

Anyway, I did see the little bit about the soup nazi and thought it was funny.

There, that's my .02 worth.


Rich said...


You've never watched a whole episode of Seinfeld???

You waaaaaaaay need to stop doing productive stuff and sit down on the couch, be a bum for a while, and watch some of the synicated shows. I'm sure if you have cable, you can find them on any time of day, seven days a week (sorta like Law & Order in that way, y'know?). But if you missed out on Seinfeld, you missed out on a ton.

Watch a couple shows, and we'll talk next Critique Group meeting.

Rich said...

Oh, and despite what Ken said, Seinfeld never jumped the shark.

WandaV said...


I watch t.v. I see 24 weekly, NCIS, CSI, and Medium. Occasionally I'll watch Boston Legal with hubby. (cable doesn't come to the middle of nowhere where we live.) I like Crossing Jordan, too.

I guess I like the more serious style stuff better than I like what passes for comedy, today. I miss the Carol Burnett Show!!!


Rich said...


I'm a 24 fan, and as much as I give it a hard time, I love Law and Order, too. So I'm a serious TV-watcher for the most part.

But Seinfeld wasn't "what passes for comedy these days," as you put it. Most of today's sit-coms are horrible. A lot of shows people enjoyed in the old days were awful, at least to 21st-century me. But Seinfeld was a phenomenon that captured humanity (a bad side of it but hilarious) in a way few things - not just TV shows - ever have. Without it, there was no such thing as Must-See TV. Seinfeld was it.