Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Extraordinary Girl / Solar System (medley) - SQsOTW

For Valentine's Day, I suppose I'll do something Valentine's Day-ish. This little rave-up is a song everyone needs to find a way to hear. It's just one of my all-time favorite songs ever. It's fast; it's short; but oh, is it ever amazing.

If the weather was inclimate,
I'd have told you in a minute.
You can rest your worries here
anytime you want to dear.
And if it's moving way too fast,
well there is this looking glass
the future and the past
are breaking down in all this sunshine.

You ought to know I guess,
it's a different sort of day
when you walked by in that dress.

And she's not an ordinary girl,
she's a million miles away
in an extraordinary world
and I guess I'd have to say:
come whatever come what may,
I just pray to reach you
where it hurts the most,
hold you just a little closer.

-- Extraordinary Girl, Bill Mallonee from the Perfumed Letter CD

Read into it whatever you like. I'll just agree that it is a different sort of day, when she walks by in that dress.

Combine that with:

Well, her lips were red and her hair was brown,
yeah feeling like the luckiest kids in town.
She said "I'll follow you boy to the ends of the earth."
Said "I'm not going that far, for what it's worth."

And I really love to see you like this:
the moonlight dripping off your fingertips,
off your fingertips.

-- Solar System, Vigilantes of Love from the Audible Sigh CD

and you've got yourself a winner of a Valentine.

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