Friday, February 03, 2006

Dead or Alive?

Here's a macabre little game. Without using the internet to find the answers, can you pick the fifteen folks on the following list who are still among the living?

And as a bonus challenge, which of the dearly departed have been gone longer than 3 years?

[Sorry, for the delay in getting you the answers, but I've been debating which category I'd fall into as I've tried to stave off a virus.]

Here are the answers, and a link to Dead or Alive, the funky site that I used as my source. These are but a few of the many listed there. And if you're interested, they also provide the age of the listed living and the cause of death for the not-so-living.

Randy "Cousin Eddie" Quaid
Lyle Waggoner - of Wonder Woman and Carol Burnett fame
Jimmy "JJ" Walker - Dyn-o-mite
Juan Antonio Samaranch - former International Olympic Committee Chairman
Barry Livingston - Ernie from My Three Sons
Angela "Murder She Wrote" Lansbury
Joan Collins - from Dynasty
Gavin MacLeod - Love Boat's Capt. Stubing
Hayley "Pollyanna" Mills - Disney child star
Roger Mudd - former NBC News anchor
Donny "Ralph Malph" Most
"Cubby" O'Brien - original Mouseketeer
Adam Ant- punk rocker
Abigail "Dear Abby" Van Buren
Monty "Let's Make a Deal" Hall

Unfortunately Deceased
John Entwhistle - bassist for The Who –Jun 2002
Bob Kane- creator of Batman –Nov 1998
Junior Samples- from Hee Haw –Nov 1983
Bert Lahr - Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz –Dec 1967
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes - from TLC –Apr 2002
Howard "Ernest T. Bass" Morris –May 2005
Frank Gorshin - Riddler from Batman TV show—May 2005
Willie Shoemaker – jockey –Oct 2003
Buddy "Jed Clampett" Ebsen –Jul 2003
Bob "Gilligan" Denver –Sept 2005
Richard Pryor –Dec 2005
Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita –Nov 2005


Harry, Jon, Jeff said...

Gilligan - gone
Quaid - here, but his movies are dead
Lyle - here
JJ - here
Richard Pryor - gone
Bob - here
Jr - should be gone, more than 3
Bert - should be gone, more than 3
Mr. Miyagi - gone
Barry - here
Left Eye - here
Angela - here
Entwhistle - here
Antonio - here
Joan - here
Cap Stubing - gone, more than 3
Pollyanna - here
Ernest T - gone
Roger Mudd - gone, more than 3
Willie - gone, more than 3
Ralph Malph - here
Cubby - here
Frank - gone
Ant - here
Dear Abby - gone
Jed - gone
Monty - here

Rich said...

Terror comes in threes.

Rich said...

And so do Stooges.