Monday, February 06, 2006

Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control

This weekend, you may not have noticed and I realize that, the site was down for a bit of an extended period on Saturday. Apparently, the good folks at Blogger are trying to make some corrections. Those of you on Blogger/Blogspot probably know this already, but we received another message saying that the the blogs will be down again tonight, from 7-8PST.

Unfortunately, that's the hour after "24" where I'm at (9 -10 CST) -- it would have been nice to have been during that hour. Before and after "24" are good times to get on the blog, because "Skating with the Stars", that horrible piece of television, is the show on before it, and syndicated re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond" come on right after.

But I'm wrong to quibble. It's always nice when things I have no idea how to fix run smoothly (like car engines, central heating and air, computers, and wives - or wife, sorry, I only have one - and children) so I'm just happy things are being repaired.

Good day.


P&S said...

Your best post by far.

I laughed and laughed.

Your use of PST in the first paragraph and then CST in the second paragraph was classic.

I hope everybody got the symbolism.

WandaV said...

Sorry I missed the blog black-out. Nyssa had her first game in the b'ball tournament. They won!!! If they win Thursday night, they'll play Monday for the championship.



p.s. we taped '24' and watched it after the game. Go Jack! (isn't the prez a wuss?)

Rich said...


He's the worst president in the history of the United States of America. And that's saying something after his predecessor and David Palmer being in the White House.

Yea for Nyssa!!!