Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If It's On The Internet, It Must Be True

Like Rich's habitual chain-emailer, the bane of my electronic solitude (in addition to the flagrant "reply to all" button abuser) is the well-intentioned urban legend email purveyor.
If you're like me, and thank goodness not many of you are, you want to politely shake these "good samaritans" by the neck and suggest that despite the seeming urgency required to protect me from the evils of devil-worshipping soap merchants and larvae-infested carbonated beverages and novelty candies that just the scantest amount of research might be in order before filling my Inbox with "PLEASE READ..." messages.

However, in fairness to these happy zealots, it can sometimes be tricky to separate Internet fact from Internet legend. So with this in mind, I ask you, the enlightened Realm rabble, to see if you can identify which of the following statements are true (fact) or false (urban legends) without trying to research them first:

I'll post the answers on Thursday, but please resist the urge to then email all of your coworkers about the ones that are true. I'd consider it a personal favor. After all, it's a lot different to subject yourself to inane babble by choice when you visit a blog, then it is to have it foisted upon you through email... or at least it seemed that way when I started this post.

Thanks for your consideration.

P.S. I apologize in advance to all the true good samaritans throughout the Realm, if I have sullied them by association with this post.


codepoke said...

No clue. I'm pretty sure the Presidents' Day thing is true of schools, anyway.

I work at a company of 20,000 people, 1,000 of whom are in IT. We get these forwarded to everyone, even in this educated environment. It's sad. The latest was for a litter of pups that were going to be dusted if we didn't act now. My whole department swung into overdrive to save them. It's the cute puppy pictures that got everyone. Sheesh.

WandaV said...

I had one of those lovely Samaritans e-mailing me all the time until she discovered Now, once in a while, she'll send something and then send another message saying "Whoops! Should have looked it up on Snopes, first."

At least she's trying.

who could cheat and look up the answers. ;o)

P&S said...

Answers and links to explanations are up.

Thanks to Wanda for her mention of where these Legends can be found.

Snopes is also linked on our sidebar. Cool site and definitely the place you should go before forwarding the latest "scary"-sounding email to your friends.