Friday, March 31, 2006

Around the Horn

Trying to cover all the bases, here's what's going on at some other blog friends' houses:

Doug hasn't written a post in about a month -- how very Ken-like -- but his last one was good.

b's got a post on persecution that reminds me how easy we have it here and how we should think about how perilous is the plight of Christians living or working in other countries

codepoke's put out two posts, this one and this one, since we highlighted his awesome post on Jesus's statement "I thirst"

Thinklings had an interesting post on teenagers not sleeping enough

I loved imonk's Jesus = Salvation post and comments

And Todd R. at Beauty Out of Ugly Things has yet another great post, this one on Lent

I might add a couple more if and as I come across them, but all these are good ones if you're interested, so be interested!!!


DugALug said...


Thanks for pointing out how I suck lately. It has been all I can do just to post some comments on your blog.

I have two new posts that are in the last edits before I put them out.

Thanks for looking at my blog too.


DugALug said...


Okay I added some posts! I am back on the wagon!