Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Break in the Action to Say This:

Is this the man to lead my favorite football team?

I think not.

Oh, Nick Saban, what hast thou done?


DugALug said...


Don't worry, there are plenty of Boats, or should I say, 'oportunities' in the Miami area.

Maybe after rehab he will set his focus on the lovely ladies of South Beach!

Unfortunately, none of this will get him fired in Miami, in the Univerity of Miami (know as 'The U' by some of their illiterate playas') might erect shrines to the man.

LSU wore purple and yellow... I see the connection.

I mourn with you.


Rich said...

I can't understand how all the NFL "experts" and gurus, as well as most of the folks in the South Florida news rags think Daunte is a savior for Miami.

Even if he's as good as he was a couple years ago -- do we not have gaping holes in our secondary? Most of our defense is long in the tooth and needs re-energizing with youth. Hard to do that without draft picks that we keep trading away.

Still, if Culpepper plays like he did a couple years ago -- and he'll have a decent enough cast to do it with considering Ronnie Brown should break out next year, Chambers hit his stride (finally) at the end of last year, McMichael is a pretty darned good receiving TE, and the line, which wasn't horrible last year, should be upgraded a little more -- I'm not going to complain too much. I've got a lot of faith in Nick Saban, so better him making decisions than me.

But I have my doubts that Culpepper is going to be ready, and right now, we don't even have a back-up QB, unless you want to count Cleo Lemon or Brock Berlin, and I'm not prepared to count either one of those guys yet.

More to be done, so I'll wait and see. But first, the triple-marathon that is baseball season looms like the killer storm right around the corner. Yaaaaaaaawn.