Thursday, March 02, 2006


Thought it was time for a softball, although admittedly, we haven't gone hardball in some time. Work's been rough lately, for both of us. Not sure I see a light at the end of the tunnel either. Worse, it affects our writing, but we keep pressing on ever-so-slowly. Anyway, here on the blog for right now, we'll go from the mundane to the absolute pointless. Here are the questions asking you your favorite sweets:

1) Favorite cookies?

2) Favorite cake?

3) Favorite frosting?

4) Favorite pie?

5) Favorite candy?

6) Favorite Little Debbie/Hostess-type of chemically sweetened, packaged delight?

7) Favorite foreign treat?

8) Favorite dessert of all-time?

My answers are:

1) Home-made oatmeal raisin
2) (tie) Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and NY-style cheesecake with cherry goop
3) Cream cheese frosting (like on red velvet cakes)
4) Key Lime
5) Gummy bears
6) Suzy Qs, of course
7) Are Napoleons foreign? Baklava is good, too
8) Mom's strawberry frappe ain't bad but neither are really, really good eclairs

Those are mine. Yours? Go ahead, rot your teeth out to some Turkish Delight!!!


WandaV said...

1) Favorite cookies? Warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies.

2) Favorite cake? Mom's messy cake. It's yellow cake with the top messed up by a fork. Pour this dark, rich chocolate syrupy stuff on top. MMmmm.

3) Favorite frosting? the stuff on German chocolate cake

4) Favorite pie? Pecan (I'm a southern lady)

5) Favorite candy? M&Ms fun to eat and fun to share

6) Favorite Little Debbie/Hostess-type of chemically sweetened, packaged delight? Oatmeal cream pies--they used ot ride in my lunchbox everyday

7) Favorite foreign treat? The little chocolate eggs my sister sent from Germany. They had a toy in the middle.

8) Favorite dessert of all-time? Bananas Foster!!!!!!!

Gee, thanks. Now I'm gonna crave sweets all day.


DugALug said...


Cookie: Mint Chocolate-Chip
Cake: Dark Chocolate Cake With Rasberry Filling
Frosting: Dark Chocolate
Favorite Pie: Mushroom Pizza (Or a tie between Sodacracker pie and Key Lime Pie, if we are sticking to sweets)
Candy: Heath Bars
Little Debbie/Hostess Thingy: Zingers
Favorite Treat: Double-Chocololate-Fudge-Peanutbutter Ice cream
Favorite Desert: Sodacracker Pie

Okay I am really hungry now.


B said...

2)Cheesecake with chocolate swirls
3)Cream cheese and whatever kind my mom makes (I can't remember what it is called)
4)I don't like pies
5)Lindt white chocolate squares
6)Cosmic Brownies
7)I think they are called Chuppa Chuppas. Basically, it's dulce de leche in little a plasctic pouch. You cut of the corner of the pouch and suck out the dulce. It doesn't sound very good, but it really, really is!
8)Sopapillas with honey, chocolate syrup and cool whip. Yum!

I have to say that this is a cruel topic. I am not supposed to eat any sweets and now I am craving sopapillas.