Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Theo!

Before I forget, I did want to mention that March 2 is/was Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday. A while back I posted a Top Ten list of his books that you can recall if you'd like. Dr. Seuss would be 102 today were he still amongst the living. And though he is not, his tales remain for our and our children's benefit. I'm not sure there's an author whose works are more universally known than the good doctor's, and I highly doubt there's an author whose works are more universally beloved than the good doctor's.

Tonight my son was reading Green Eggs and Ham to my wife while I was lying around with my daughter and other son. How joyous it is just to hear him read something so fun. I remember when my niece was first learning to read about a year or two back. She'd carry about a dozen Dr. Seuss books with her wherever she'd go and just enjoy the process of learning to put words and sentences together. Dick and Jane books are great for kids, but they're nothing like the fun of reading stories about Sneetches and Whos and Loraxes and Grinches and Cats in Hats.

And more, when all the rest of the family are asleep some nights, one of the multitude of benefits of having children is that I can sneak into their rooms and pull out a couple of Seuss books for myself and relearn about Oobleck, all the stuff on Mulberry Street, and oh the places I can go.

Here's to Dr. Seuss - a jolly good fellow, and nobody can deny!

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