Wednesday, March 15, 2006

That Light at the End of the Tunnel That I Was Running Toward

Turned out to be a steam engine that pancaked me. I have to say: my job is taking its toll -- not that I'd want to work elsewhere, but I'm just not getting much of a break for blogging. Nights are: t-ball practice on Monday, Tuesday machine pitch baseball which I help coach (and I play basketball afterward), Wednesday is soccer practice, Thursday is baseball again, and Friday are soccer games. We also have batting practice on Saturday, and that's when t-ball games will be. Once baseball games start, those will be weekdays as well (practices will decrease then, thankfully). Sunday School, church, Bible study and AWANAs on Sunday. Throw in housecleaning, lawn and outdoor care, bill paying, grocery shopping, any family time, and walks -- and the busy-ness just doesn't seem to end. Can somebody throw me a rope here? I'm looking for a rescue... or a noose.

The excuses, however, must be wearing thin, so I'll try to stop making them after this and just post when I can. Even when you can't seem to see much, you find time. For me, that's time for God, writing, blogging, basketball, and mental health. But the other thing you need, generally, to write good posts (or novel/short story writing) is focus, and that's hard with the time crunch. Usually, I resort to wimpy or content-less posts, which I figure are better than nothing... but probably only slightly. They do seem to keep you in touch with people out there in the blogsphere to a degree. So every once in a while, you can expect a "What's Your Favorite Dessert" kind of post that I'm notorious for.

Fortunately, Ken's posts have pretty good content most of the time, so you can always look forward to those. Additionally, they come out fairly routinely, although probably not as often as either of us would like. However, that also gives him time to add something with content so that people actually enjoy coming to our blog. Which, in the end, is what it's for. Well, that and for us to enjoy as well.

Penultimately, there are also some personal issues to overcome, and I'd appreciate any generic "prayer for Rich" that you might send up to the Lord. He knows. Thanks in advance. And I also wanted to say to all you other bloggers out there that come around ours -- THANKS!!! -- I enjoy reading your blogs, and if I haven't got to them yet, I bet I will at some point.

And the last thing: rejoice in the Lord always; again, I say rejoice.


codepoke said...


I knew it had to end. Or at least slow down. Which is like ending, except that it doesn't end, except for those times in between the posts when it feels like it has ended.

I skim about 25 blogs now (which makes me a lightweight out here), but there are 2 that I look forward to reading every time. And yours is the one that ALWAYS has had something new and great. I come here to laugh, and be stretched on my comicbook skills. I have loved every minute out here.

I say all that because I know that it has all been at your expense.

Like I said, I knew it had to slow down. You have way too much going on to be having this much fun. Your family needs you man!

There is never a post on this blog that I don't read and enjoy, though. Looking forward to whatever you have left over for us. :-)

(I love Ken's posts too, but he didn't just tell me he "needed a little space in our relationship")

Rich said...

"well... we can still be friends"

Joking. Thanks for the kind words, codepoke. They mean a lot.

I'm hoping this is more of a slowdown than any type of stop. I'm fairly sure Ken has no desire to stop blogging, and neither do I. We wrote a post when we crossed 100, and I said that the next time I'd write about a posting goal would be at 500 -- and I plan to get there. It just might be a while longer than I thought. A long while. Still, we're over 200, so that's something.

The thing is, though, I do feel like what I'm giving to the blog is "what I have left over" (as you so generously said you'd look forward to) right now, and that's never good enough, at least not for me.

But who knows? The clouds may break, and the sun shine through again. I'm just not seeing it now, and "the law being laid down" is getting a little more arduous at work. Home's another matter entirely, and it's difficult to explain that. Suffice it to say, it's no less hectic.

I truly enjoy the correspondence, though, with everyone who comments really. And that's not something I just want to give up. So, like I said, I'll keep plugging whenever I can, and we'll see what happens. It might not be that different than what's been going on here lately, but I don't think the last couple of weeks have been the Realm's Golden Days - it's probably too early in our blogging life to have had Golden Days. I'm hoping to see them, though.

Once again, thanks for the encouragement and thoughtfulness. You're awesome, codepoke!

DugALug said...


My prayers are a given. I love your blog too (it is my favorite blog).

Take it easy and don't blow the tires. I'll still be reading, even if it just a few articles a month.

No Apologies needed.