Friday, March 24, 2006

Classic Video Game Rank 'Em

Best to worst or worst to best, you rank these games. And if I left some favs out, just slide 'em into your rankings. I purposely left out some similar ones (i.e Space Invaders and Galaxians which are a lot like Galaga and Pacman which is like Ms. Pacman) and included the one I thought was the best of like games. You don't have to do all of them; just rank the ones you know.

Ms. Pacman
Donkey Kong
Missile Command
Dig Dug
Wizard of Wor

Do your best and have a BLAST!!! :)


codepoke said...

Joust - This was a great concept, and a great execution. The only problem with Joust was the lack of change in the game as the levels got harder. This was just fun to play. The free flight system with wing beats and gravity was beyond cool.

Asteroids - The first game with meaningful physics! My favorite games all allow me to move freely amongst a bunch of complex obstacles. Asteroids did this better than anything else. Fire and maneuver. That's the stuff! And there were so many different strategies you could try. Very cool.

Defender - Again, great freedom of motion, and lots of options and strategies. The physics on this one were a chuckle, but it was thumb-numbing fun.

Starcastle - Sharp shooting while being chased by smart bombs. Wow!

Centipede - Everything else is kind of a distant second, but centipede offers some thrills. I never got good enough at it to really love it though.

Frogger - This one was just too fun in concept. I was never any good at it at all, but what a laugh.

Rally-X - If this is the monster truck racing game, then I used to like it.

Tailgunner - pure twitch action, and a lot of fun. The seated position made this one really cool.

Galaga - I really don't like being pinned at the bottom of the screen, but it was a pretty cool game.

Tron - I loved the multiple games, even if they were all simple in concept.

Missile Command - I liked it, but not enough to spend precious dough on it.

Ms. Pacman
Tempest - cool concept.
Pong - face-to-face was fun.
Dig Dug - pretty cool, but I just never caught the bug.
Bosconian - ?
Donkey Kong - I never liked side-scrollers.
Wizard of Wor - ?
Zaxxon - ?

B said...

I barely remember our Atari, but my brother and I had one when we were younger. These are the only games I remember, and they are listed from favorite to least favorite:

Pole Position
Space Invaders
Duck Hunt (wait, was that Nintendo or Atari?)
Pac Man
Donkey Kong