Monday, March 06, 2006


Codepoke and Doug have mentioned having problems either loading or seeing the blog when they pull it up. I've spoken with Ken, and neither of us are having a problem. We wondered whether it could be a browser issue, but we'd like more info if you guys, or anyone else out there, are having problems.

For this problem or any problem you guys experience with the blog site, aside from poor content, that is, or lacking content or no content... let me rephrase, for any technical problems please let us know now and in the future under the comments of our "Please Excuse Our Dust" sidebar link.

For the current problem, you can comment under this post as well. We do apologize for any trouble you guys are having, and we'll do what we can to correct anything we can handle on our side as soon as possible.

Other than that, thanks for reading the blog, contributing when you feel like it - or not, and just being a part of The Realm of Possibility. Who knows, we may even post again within a day or so.


codepoke said...

Whoops. I think I might have figured it out. The problem occurs with the Lent post, and the Lent post has a rule bar in it. Shorten that rule bar, and I bet the problem goes away.

codepoke said...

Yep. The rule-bar is not an actual rule, but a long string of underscores. When I reduce my font from "old guy" to just "middle-aged", the problem goes away. IE treats the underscores as one long word that doesn't fit, so it ends up below the sidebar.

I'll quit tinkering now.

P&S said...

I've reduced the bar across the Lent post. Is the problem fixed?

Thanks for your help.

codepoke said...

Yep, fixed.

No complaints about the service here. ;-)

DugALug said...

Ken, Rich,

Things look back to normal here too!