Thursday, March 09, 2006

One Superhero

Alright, another question. If you could be one superhero, who would it be and why? Also, why would that superhero be cooler than any other that might get listed here?

Hopefully, a post like this drives theApache Chief (from The Challenge of the Superfriends) and the Electra Woman/Dyna Girl fans out of the woodwork. Of course, anyone listing either Zan or Jana (either of the Wonder Twins) shall be heckled in The Realm of Possibility forevermore.

Personally, Nova the Human Rocket is my guy. His name's Rich, too, so why not? Nova wasn't ever the toughest hero, he had a rough family life, but he was determined as all get out. He never, ever gave up, even when he was getting pounded into oblivion. I love that. Not to mention flight and being able to breathe in space because of the Nova helmet. Too cool. The Silver Surfer and Spider-Man tie for second.


codepoke said...

What a wierd mood I must be in. I cannot think of any reason to want to be any of these guys. Odd.

Right now, I would settle for being some superhero of the deep woods like an ent or some such.

So, I choose Daredevil. The man with no fear. I cannot imagine what that would be like! That would be cool.

DugALug said...

This is a toughy

I don't think I would want to be a super-hero. Their life pretty much stinks.

So if I had too, I think I would go for Mr. Fantastic... at least I am married to a beautiful wife (sue storm) that I don't need to keep secrets from!


Rich said...

In case you didn't know, that really is me in the Nova suit.

So far, we have a blind lawyer (and we know what everyone thinks of lawyers) and a goober scientist. Wow! I'm amazed. Where are all the angst-filled teenage wannabees out there that I thought I'd get asking this one. Is it just me?

I mean, I didn't figure at our blog we'd be getting a lot of Spawns, Ghost Riders, Isises, or Damien Hellstroms (Son of Satan), but I did think Spider-Man. The guy's married to Mary Jane Watson, for criminy's sake.

Oh well. Go figure.

DugALug said...


Spidey, is at odds with everyone and everything. That is at the heart of the comic and Mary Jane never aged since I was a kid (She must go to Club Med a lot). And let's take Mary Jane (Kirsten Dundst) versus Sue Storm (Jessica Alba)... ummm I think we have a winner. My money's on the Dark Angel. End of story.

The life of a super-hero is nothing to covet. Therefore, if I had to be one, I'd want one that I can, at least, sometimes enjoy. Being a dweeb scientist isn't that bad especially one who can do a human stretch-armstrong.

Full disclosure with my spouse is also not a bad thing. Yeah... I'm staying with my pick.


Brett said...

I'm a Marvel guy, so I couldn't possibly go with any of the DC heroes.

The Silver Surfer is the coolest Marvel superhero. But he's so tormented. Sure, he has the Power Cosmic. And he gets to surf the cosmos. But he's bald. Bald and tormented. So I have to rule him out.

Few superheroes seemed comfortable in their own skins (or tights). I always loved Wonder Man because he was a quipster and pretty tough without having to fire off rays at everybody. But there was the whole being dead thing and specter of the Vision and all of that.

I guess I'd probably go with Spidey. He wasn't my favorite comic book hero. But Peter Parker tended to have good-looking girlfriends and, ultimately, he didn't seem to feel cursed by his superpowers in the way that, say, Damien Hellstrom or Norrin Radd did.

Rich said...


Spidey's an Avenger now, so he's not at odds with everybody anymore.

And I was just playing about the dweeb scientist thing. Feel free to be Mr. Fantastic all you want. I totally know what's really inside him -- and it's not brains --- because I put a pin in my Stretch Armstrong and saw the rasberry-colored jelly come out. Deep down, Reed Richards ain't much. I will say, though, he knows how to stop Galactus better than just about anyone else, so he's good for something.

P&S said...

I don't understand why you are acting like this is a hypothetical question.

To learn my teachings, I must first teach you how to learn.

P&S said...
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