Monday, March 20, 2006


Just wondering what other people who visit our site like to read over the Net. If you're so inclined -- and for the benefit of others here who might like to know some other good blogs -- what are some other worthy blogs (or web sites) out there that you either really like to read or else you think would be worth it for other people to at least visit. You don't have to be a commenter at the site you enjoy to list it (although you would have to comment here for us to know). You just have to think it's worthy of attention. As always, please feel free (or not) to tell us why.

Obviously, we have several linked over on our side bar and there are a couple I've linked to in posts before, but there are definitely a few others I enjoy. I'll list mine in the comments like anyone else who wants to plug another blog. And, of course, you're free to plug your own.

If you know of some great blogs, don't hide 'em under a lamp shade, shine their light so we all can know!!!


Brett said...

National Review Online

James Lileks' Bleat (you guys should check out Lileks if you haven't - he has interesting, amusing, often unique takes on big and small events, and he's a gifted writer)

codepoke said...

It dawns on me that I keep mentioning that I visit 2 blogs frequently.

The other blog is by an amatuer theologian who knows Greek and is more concerned about practical things like caring for her neighbors than arguing theology. That is an impressive credential to me. She is threatening to investigate a core doctrine from a new perspective, so I am waiting with bated breath.

codepoke said...

Yep, Likeks is hilarious!

Rich said...


I think I see National Review linked to more blogs than just baout anything else. I head there from time to time, but it's been sparse lately.


I'll checkout Weekend Fisher. I think she's commented here once before, and I've seen her at your blog. Anyone who'd rather care for neighbors than argue theology, well, I'm liable to jump on that bandwagon. Not that I mind arguing theology or Christians arguing it at all. It is important. I just think that caring for neighbors is far more crucial.