Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yesterday, Tuesday the 21st, a really good friend here at work got called to the hospital. Her husband had been feeling a little weak, so he had gone in for a doctor's appointment. They took some blood tests, and his - I'm not sure if it was white or red - blood cell count was down. They admitted him in the hospital for tests and gave him platelets. Tests came back, and the doctors are 95% sure it's leukemia. He's in his mid-forties, is a really great guy (is a high school P.E. teacher, popular in the community, and has been the head basketball coach of the HS), and his family is awesome.

It's amazing to me how Monday, everything was fun here at work. We joke around here all the time. Yeah, we've got deadlines (a huge one today as a matter of fact), but the people that work at my company are pretty resilient. So Monday was great, and Tuesday started off the same way. By Tuesday afternoon, things were grim. And who knew? I guess we never know what's going on inside our bodies.

Reminds me of a story another of my co-workers related to me less than a year ago. One of his good friends was the picture of health. Big volleyball player. Loved sports. Ran. Was always active. One day she just didn't feel right, so she went into the doctor. Turns out, she was in Stage 4 - what's the word? - ovicular? - anyway Stage 4 cancer of the ovaries. The point at which the doctors saw her, anything they could do was too late. Within a month, she had died.

Stuff like this just riddles me.

I know two posts ago, I wondered and am still wondering about all the prayer requests that I get. It also makes me think about those I ask people to pray for. I'll just say, for anyone who might, please pray for my friend's husband. He's starting chemo almost immediately and will be in the hospital for at least 30 days - probably since his cell count is down, that's to keep him away from any internal infections that his body may not be able to fight off very well. So he's beginning a new journey, hopefully one of recovery and renewal. I'll pray for that.

Anyways, next post, I'll try to bring the spirits up here a bit. Seems like The Realm hasn't been so light-hearted and fun lately. Guess we're in that valley of life's rollercoaster, but it's gonna go back up, I just know it.



codepoke said...

Nothing much to say, but do let us know how things go.

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Rich said...

Thanks, Mille!

Update: They gave him more platelets as they were dangerously low. His blood hasn't been able to clot very well. From what I understand, there are two "types" of leukemia, an acute and a chronic. His is of the acute category, which hits fast and is aggressive. So they're going to treat it aggressively. The chemo starts today, I believe. They've given him lots of Vitamin A to help build cells.

His son came home from college and is questioning, "Why?" Another of his daughters has been trying to get home from where she went on Spring Break. She'll come home today, and she's really close with her dad, so that'll be hard. Their youngest daughter... well, they just told her what's going on last night. It's a hard situation all around.

The best news is it's treatable and curable, so I'm praying for a speedy recovery and also that the chemotherapy goes as well as possible.

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That's at least some good news. Thanks for the update.


codepoke said...

Praise the Lord that it's the often curable variety. I pray the Lord uses this with his children.