Thursday, March 30, 2006

Opening Day Is Coming

September 7, 2006


May the cuter logo win!!!

Oh, did you think I was talking about baseball from the title?

Hey, waittaminnit, was that a Ken post below? Couldn't have been.


codepoke said...


My favorite team versus yours. We should probably do something about that. (Steelers, Colts/Packers since before the immaculate reception.) I always did have trouble with orange and aqua football jerseys.

Rich said...

Yeah, we probably should.

And similarly but altogether different, I have trouble with any teams that DO NOT have aqua and orange football jerseys.

DugALug said...


Like Auburn... you no-good pole-cat!

I knew you were a traitor.


Rich said...

Let me amend. I dislike all the pro football teams that do not wear aqua and orange.

Is that better, Doug?

DugALug said...

Much better.

My Bengals have Orange! So you must half-like them.